António Mocho Ltd. was founded in 1983 by its founding partner, Mr. António Mocho, already with 30 years of experience working in a marble company.

Currently, the company is managed by his son, Mr. José Carlos Mocho, that has always accompanied his father in the construction and consolidation of this company.

Our philosophy goes, not only by adopting the most modern techniques and equipment, as well as by specialized labor and with extensive experience in the
extraction and processing of stone. This philosophy has contributed to the high productivity and high quality marble that we offer to the client.

Marble Processing Factory

Our factory is located in Bencatel – Vila Viçosa. Local where, after a rigorous selection process, the matter extracted from our quarries, is transformed into BLOCKS, PLATES, TILES…

More than 20 000 m2, equipped with different technologies and skilled labor for processing and selection of products in accordance with the requirements of the world market.

Exhibition Park

Our exhibition park is located next to the factory, where you can know our products.

Figueiras Quarry

Vigária Quarry

From our quarries, FIGUEIRAS, VIGÁRIA, BOL & GHC , located in Bencatel –  Vila Viçosa , we extract high quality Marble, including BRANCO D´EL REI (White); CREME VIGÁRIA (Cream), AZUL FIGUEIRAS (Blue) and PELE DE TIGRE (Tiger Skin).